Bathing, Grooming, Incontinent Care

Bathing, Grooming, Incontinent Care

“Of the 24,000 accidental deaths of people over the age of 65 every year, many are bathing related” (Burdman, 1986). Accidents happen, but unlikely when you have RH Care. Thousands of our members everyday feel refreshed, clean and safe knowing that RH Care is there for them. We will bath, groom and provide any other personal assistance needed to make sure you or your loved one(s) are happy and safe. Don’t delay your or your loved one’s happiness and safety; give us a call now to schedule your free in home consultation.
  • Clothing Selections
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Incontinence care

How We Make A Differece

Live Worry Free
Hundreds of our patients and their family members enjoy high quality life every day.

While you are at work, out of town or attending to your own family, RH Care will help you or your loved ones with general caregiving responsibilities. Minimizing your stress and concern while allowing you to get back to what's important; spending quality time with your loved ones!

Claim Your Peace of Mind
All of our caregivers have many years of experience and they LOVE what they do.

RH Care offers extensively trained, compassionate and competent care givers. Each and every one of our caregivers undergoes rigorous screening drug testing, eight background checks and reference checks. They are extensively trained, insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

What makes us different?
We have a dream

Our dream is to create a better world by helping everyone in need. We see ourselves as stewards placed on this earth to manifest our goodness through responsibility. By you or your loved one(s) becoming our member, you will play a vital role in the fruition of our dream.

Request Your In Home Consultation
Its free and it only takes a minute

During your initial consultation, we will determine your unique situation and needs and then place you with a handpicked caregiver to match your specific care needs.



During the initial assessment process, our team will work with you to complete an in-depth screening of your particular needs for FREE! We will discuss the situations in which you require services, desired lifestyle needs and current medical conditions. We can meet with individuals and their family members to create an accurate and in-depth profile of your needs and requirements.
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