COVID-19 Info

At RH Care, we are closely monitoring the situation with local, State and Federal Agencies, while continuing to do what we do best, provide reliable, compassionate, and affordable in-home care.

We believe that when given the choice of where to live, our members prefer to stay at home. In these difficult times, one’s home also remains the safest option for seniors as we aim to reduce possible exposure to the virus. We consider it a privilege to serve alongside thousands of individuals across the nation to ensure that seniors receive the care they need, where they want it.

We have always been tirelessly committed to providing only the most excellent and reliable caregivers. Beyond our rigorous hiring and training processes, caregivers are receiving ongoing guidance on best practices for stopping the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For example, beyond universal precautions, proper hygiene, and frequent hand washing, our caregivers measure their own temperature and perform health checks at the beginning of every shift to ensure no signs and symptoms are present. All of our caregivers are equipped with a COVID-19 Kit (Mask, Gloves, Face Shield etc.). Additionally, if a member has a fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms, caregivers will notify the care coordinator and/or family members, so that appropriate medical care can be provided.


Live Worry Free
Our Members and their families enjoy an increased quality of life.

Our Caregivers LOVE what they do and have passed extensive training, drug screening and eight background checks. They are bonded and insured. Claim your peace of mind with the assistance of our compassionate staff.

What Makes Us Different
We Want to Create a Better World.

At RH Care, our vision is to create a better world by being stewards of care and compassion to our neighbors. Many members can avoid a hospital stay with preventative measures such as medication reminders, healthy meals, not missing Dr. appointments, social interaction and monitoring of sanitary living conditions.




During the initial assessment process, our team will work with you to complete an in-depth screening of your particular needs at no cost to you. We will discuss the situations in which you require services, desired lifestyle needs and current medical conditions. We can meet with individuals and their family members to create an accurate and in-depth profile of your needs and requirements.

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